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An overview was given of how affirmative action for Blacks and women in South Africa in fact marginalizes Black women. The definition of the problem influences the solution; affirmative action obscures the complex nature of discrimination experienced by Black women tor class, role, and culture and focuses only on gender and race.

Secondly, the power of White women and Black men supercede the power of Black women. Apartheid benefitted White women over Black men.

Affirmative action, as shifting power between groups, would solidify White women's power. The debates have taken place within university and academic contexts, a place where Black backpage pittsbugh have been excluded and the dominant groups are White men, followed by White women, and then Black men. The debate in the private sector also is devoid of Black women's voices; multinationals began to hire and train Black male managers, and there was criticism that standards were falling.

afruca Recruitment of Black women is unknown, but only 1. Visibility within the academic and private sector debates has excluded Black women. In the articulation of ideas, most literature has been written by White men. The intersection of power and privilege belongs to males and White women as part of the larger dominant ideology.

Black women's marginalization means their issues will not be addressed. The people who stand to benefit the most from affirmative action are those who are in need of improved living conditions, literacy, and employment, or lookiing excluded from jobs and position in spite of being qualified.

Black women without a societal power base have no bargaining power. To insure that Black women benefit, there is need to treat Black women as a distinctive group with priority. There is also a need to examine the myths that have been spun around Black women, their needs, abilities, and controlling images. There is a need to integrate Black womens ideas into the mainstream and recognize that maybe Black women need to be recognized as already having some knowledge.

Resistance to affirmative action needs to be stopped and the thrust soutg action focused on a liveable place for all. There is a need for multiple approaches which stress education, training, support systems, quotas, legislation, and an end to the bickering over which one works best.