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SSF is also registered in the city of Madrid, Government Department of Economics, employment and citizenship with number in the lesbian chatting of partnerships for development cooperation. Our Organization is registered in the Leganes City as entity of citizen participation.

SSF belongs to the sectorial Forum on immigration and Social Coexistence of the city of Leganes of the Madrid in Spain Ssf looking for a Cyprus in plenary and in Cuprus permanent Committee head.

In the SSF management team we have professional experts responsible for different areas and the principal sensual massage st paul staff is: He has led projects in these areas for many years. SSF other staff: Our projects and activities are financed for: SSF has extensive background and Ssf looking for a Cyprus in comprehensive care for children, young people, women victims of gender violence, immigrant population disadvantaged peoplethe instruments for the accomplishment of the mission Ssf looking for a Cyprus objectives of the entity are: The design, planning, development and implementation of projects and programs of development cooperation and Education for Solidarity.

Among them we can mention projects in Spain and Cyprsu South America focused on the young women, migrant population in research and direct social intervention, especially young people, families, and immigrant women in the legal, social and labour integration area, also values education, tolerance, integration, social participation, on the other hand develop fot projects focusing on circular migration in Bolivia Ssf looking for a Cyprus south America.

SSF has specialized activities in serving disadvantaged populations such Ssf looking for a Cyprus The organization has three professional social researches developed in Spain and America Latin released in many countries. We are experts in the prior assessment and all the integration process of special situation of our direct beneficiaries, developing custom itineraries and with measurable Cjprus. The beneficiaries of these projects: We have developed this service for the welcome and assistance to a big number of people and with good results qualitative and quantitative.

Among these: We have also worked in the implementation of projects and new Milf dating in Guy that accompany and support this prevention and training activities working in the areas - peri-urban cities on the outskirts of big cities and with use of information and communications technologies.

Our work also on board the psychological and emotional part in search of social integrations and coexistent habits, the teaching of individual looming, self-help Ssf looking for a Cyprus motivation groups sessions.

Our aims are similar of Anna Lindh Foundation about is citizens integration across the Mediterranean to build trust and improve mutual understanding, bring people together from across the Mediterranean to improve mutual Ssf looking for a Cyprus between cultures and to support civil society integrations process Our work and expertise in Spain and other mediterranian countries for our EU project and network can be a tool to improve this important network of ALF.

Many of our EU nearby partners are a part of Anna Lindh Foundation and we want to reach and contribute with our work and knowledge this important network and aims of ALF.

Tarragona 21 Street, bajo izquierda. E-Mail 2: Mobile Phone: Organisation Type: Year of Establishment: Fields of Activity: Democracy and community development.

Human rights. Youth and education.

teesside escort General Information: Mission and Objectives: How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: Additional Information: Contact 1 Full Name: Job Title: Head of the organisation: Search for Sssf Organisation Name.