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Two Tucson police officers have resigned and five more are still under investigation by internal affairs in connection with their possible involvement in a prostitutes in tucson prostitution ring.

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She might have her handyman or dentist in her phone. Perhaps her friends are in.

Wrong numbers. So far, no one whose information was found in the phones has been charged with a crime.

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So why release the information? Well, to embarrass these people, of course. The DPS investigation could be completed within 30 days, a department spokeswoman said.

Read more: Tucson PD releases names of people possibly connected to prostitutes — after removing those who happen to be cops. Think about who prostitutes in tucson rich off of the Venezuela regime-change agenda.

Kei Pritsker explains how Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido came to have the backing of Prostitutes in tucson corporations, political interests and ultimately, the Trump administration.

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