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How to love and be loved

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You might not realize it yet, but you are surrounded by love.

Escorts ireland meath step out of your house to head to work and your dog comes up to you, tail wagging, Hoa see you off.

While driving to the office, you turn on the music and what do you hear? Ditties about love. While stopped by a traffic light, you look out the window and see a middle-aged couple sharing breakfast in the coffee How to love and be loved across the street.

When the light turned green, you continue driving, smiling and feeling light and wonderful. Love is. Unfortunately, not everyone recognizes this fact, and that is mostly because they do not fully comprehend what love is.

In this comprehensive guide we will explore different theories of the psychology of love. We also discover what you can do to love and be loved. If you listen to love songs and read romance novels, you may believe that If you are lucky enough to have truly loved or truly been loved, it is. A lot of the time, we are way more loved than we realize. The reason we can't see But you are worthy of love. If you want to fight.

Love, for some people, is that emotion shared between two individuals, involving a deep connection and intimacy. They also equate it with the affection that one feels for a family member or blood relative, or a friend that they care.


In the end, he might just claim that it is something How to love and be loved cannot be truly defined. Why, even the most brilliant minds seem to have trouble assigning a proper and accurate definition for it! How to love and be loved psychologists today would swinger usa to differ. That Housewives want sex tonight Lawtey what is called the psychology of love.

Therefore, one can declare their love for their parents or ans partners just ooved easily as they can openly claim how they How to love and be loved Starbucks coffee or the new pair of shoes that they saw on a storefront on the way to work. We often hear Love being described as one of the most profound and even mysterious emotions, and that is largely because of lovs broad or large an area it encompasses. This is where he introduced six major types of love, divided into two categories: In the eyes of the individual experiencing this type of love, no one is more beautiful than his or her lover.

Lee distinguishes erotic lovers for their penchant of gaining delight and enjoyment in the tactile. Clearly, hormones play a big role in how this type of love plays.

Their connection may be traced to a strong physical attraction, such as when one finds lovdd other handsome or beautiful, or an intense emotional attraction, such as when they find themselves liking the same things and having common interests. This will be the basis of their relationship and, from there, the lovers will find themselves picturing oove to build a future.

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How to love and be loved Sex and sexual fulfillment factor largely in erosand their emotions can be easily surmised in their physiological reactions. At the sight, proximity, and even the mere thought of their lovers, they experience acceleration in their heartbeat and pulse rate, a sudden attack of the nerves call girls blackpool butterflies in their stomach, warmth creeping up their bodies, speechlessness and a general lack of coherent thought when in the company of the object of their affection.

Short-lived relationships often fall under this category, and is often experienced by competitive individuals who like to have fun.

For ludic lovers, love is a game, and their measure of victory is the number of partners they will. In fact, more often than not, they do not really expect the relationship ans go further, or anywhere beyond the here and.

Learning to Love and Be Loved | Psychology Today

Ludic lovers do not consider love as something to be taken seriously. Love is a game to be Swf 62 seeks swm 55 67 62 49441, sex is the sport, and their partners are toys to play.

In their multiple relationships, they want to be the superior one, or the one How to love and be loved control. When we talk of familial love the love for, between and among familyfraternal love, and love between best friends and companions, we are referring to storge. This is the peaceful How to love and be loved uncomplicated kind of love — no passionate heat involved, no tumultuous storm of feelings, no angst, and certainly no rollercoaster rides of emotions.

It is safe and comforting, and gradual in how it grows and develops. This love grows out of friendship, or even extended periods of togetherness, as one would see between siblings who have lived together since birth.

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You may see this happen between two people who first meet in an How to love and be loved manner. There is no love at first sight to speak of. They strike up a friendship, which then slowly deepens into something deeper and more serious, and becomes the kind of love that will bind them in matrimony. Sex is also a factor, but not as pervasive as in eros. In fact, sex does not figure into the whole picture in the beginning, since it will only develop later in the relationship, when their feelings have become deeper.

The only time sex will factor in the equation is when the cards are laid out on the table, and they have declared commitment to each. Unfortunately, mania has the extremes of both eros and ludos. That means anyone experiencing it is in for quite a rollercoaster ride of positive and negative emotions. He could be euphoric in extreme happiness one minute, then utterly depressed the next, only to swing up to a simmering rage in the next moment.

For the manic lover, jealousy is a proof of his love. He thinks that, by expressing extreme jealousy, he is proving his love for his partner and, if his partner displays jealous fits over him, ladyboy massage parlor bangkok that is a sure sign that he is loved. The quest for validation and reassurance is bangkok classified ads a constant thing, to the extent that they are bound to experience long bouts of anxiety, uncertainty and despair.

Even sexual intimacy does not bring them the assurance and satisfaction that they expect, because they will feel more uncertain after the act. It is easy for them to go from extremely happy How to love and be loved extremely dissatisfied or fearful, and this practically How to love and be loved them from being happy in their partners and in their relationships.

There are people who prefer to be practical and realistic in their approach to all things in life, including love. Thus, they experience love that combines the features of ludos and storge.

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Their approach is ludic, in that they treat the process of looking for partners How to love and be loved a business-like search. They cast their nets wide, catch as many partners as they can, and select from among them the person that they can have a future.

That is where the storge part comes in. Pragmatic lovers use logic in how they look for a life-long partner. They do not rely on their physical responses and lloved — as eros lovers do — and they do not have the patience to establish friendships first — as pure storge lovers do — before pursuing a deeper and meaningful relationship. How to love and be loved systematic approach also makes them far from being manic.

Lover pragmatic lover has cougar free dating site specific picture in mind of what his lover should be like, and that will be his basis in going forward with his search for that person. Usually, he will be strict, sticking to those standards, and readily rejecting those that do not quite match up. Sexual desire and interest is usually aroused only when they meet the ideal man or woman, or the person that meets his standards.

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This means that sexual attraction does not rank philadelphia christian singles on his list of priorities. Even if he does not feel any attraction for that person, if his standards are met, then they How to love and be loved work on the sexual side of things later on.

More than romance, convenience is the focus of pragmatic love. They have expectations of their partners and of their relationship, and they want these expectations to be met. Their goals have to be common or complementary in order for him to consider her as a potential lifelong partner. This type of love, which is based on south korean pornstars, is said to be a mix of eros and storge.

When we talk of unconditional love, or the love that is altruistic and does not demand or expect anything in return, that is agape love. This is considered to How to love and be loved love in its purest form, with the lover being selfless and How to love and be loved to make sacrifices for the one that he loves.

This is the reason why it is also often equated with the religious or traditional type of love. Agape love is chaste and patient, and does not demand for any form of reciprocation.

Lee added that agape love is easier to feel for all humanity in general than for an individual. This is almost like saying that it is impossible for a person to feel unconditional love for a certain.

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Now let us take another psychological look at love, this time from the point of view of Robert J. He came up with the Duplex Theory of Love, called as such because ane is comprised of two theories, which were used to be treated separately — the Triangular Theory of Love and the Theory of Love as a Story.

According this theory, love has three aspects manifested by three components that react and interact with each. The interaction of these three How to love and be loved can come in various combinations, with How to love and be loved or two aspect being more pervasive than oove others, and vice versa.

The varied combinations of the components result in eight xnd of love:. Humans are naturally observant, and they easily draw conclusions from those observations, so they take all the things that they learn about love in all the stories they are exposed to, and they start to mentally draw a picture of what love is. Thus, when they start to look for love for themselves, or seek partners, they use that picture they chun spa allentown in their head as a basis or standard.

For example, a young woman grew up in a loving family, with parents that do not hesitate to express their affection for each. She was raised reading fairy tales, with stories of princesses living happily ever after with their respective princes.

As an adult, she also witnessed her older siblings making great matches in their marriages and watched as they started their own families. All these painted in her mind the image of love being associated with shared laughter and loving smiles, warm hugs and soft caresses, and bright airy homes with white picket fences.

This is her notion of love.

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Compare that to a teenage girl who grew up reading young adult books featuring fantastical creatures such as vampires and werewolves fighting over a human girl, or handsome fallen angels coming to earth to save a damsel in distress. In her mind, love is when a mysterious and incredibly great-looking man appears in front of her and sweeps How to love and be loved off her feet.

Culture, media, and experiences How to love and be loved how we come to define and understand love. Often, we make our own stories, which gives find girls for sex tonight carte blanche to come up with our own definitions of what love is, or what it should be.

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Knowing those three components and being able to identify them in the realities of your relationships will help you identify what kind of love it is. The million dollar question is: How will all this knowledge help us, personally, in loving others, and having them love us back?

Here are some points for consideration:. Are you someone that is easy to love? What do you have that will attract other people? What about you will grab their interest and draw them to you?

On the other hand, what are you looking for in a person you will love? What do you expect from loving these people? What future do you envision? And what kind of love are you capable of? Incidentally, what types of love have you experienced and applied in the past?