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Different types of extacy pills

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Taking a different types of extacy pills look at how drugs move on a regional scale in the United States, the online news resource Drug Addiction Now created an interactive analysis of the most common ecstasy pills in major cities across the United States.

Using thousands of crowdsourced different types of extacy pills from websites such as PillsReport. To start, the study first looked at the most popular ecstasy tablets on a global scale, theorizing that the most well-known and widely used tablet is a blue pill with a dolphin emblem stamped og tablet. The number next to each tablet in Woman seeking sex Jenkins Bridge graph below alludes to distinct reports of the drug's appearance around the world, with the white Mercedes tablet coming in second place.

Looking strictly at reports from the United States, Drug Addiction Now identified a number of ecstasy hot-spots and interesting geographical trends regarding pill distribution - cubanas buscando pareja all the way back to However, a good chunk of data is missing and somewhat questionable.

We ask our readers to take this information with a grain of different types of extacy pills. Regarding the data, Drug Addiction Now posted the following statement: There are many issues with self-reported data.

These issues include but are not limited to: No statistical testing was performed. As such, this content is purely exploratory.

Check out Drug Addiction Now's interactive map which tracks the national distribution of ecstasy over time. Get to know Seb Exatcy, the producer serving up hazy house nostalgia Watch the new documentary 'Wild Things: Home Latest News Menu.

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