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Chubby Reading looking for a sexy time I Wants Private Sex

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Chubby Reading looking for a sexy time

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Curves Are Sexy - SwitzerlandxChubby! Reader by echosduskJul 5,3: Curves are… sexy… Chubby!

Reader x Switzerland — A Contest Entry You could see the storm clouds rolling in from your window and felt your eyes rolling in annoyance. How typical? This was just going to be one night after-all and it had to go like this? Its not like you were going there to spy on them Dating girls Foggia anything… it was just to experience camping for the first time with someone who genuinely appreciated you!

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Your phone buzzed on the table and you turned to it with a roll of your eyes; that was would be Vash asking whether you were still up for Chubby Reading looking for a sexy time Avoid the text message for a moment to think it over, another message came and this time it was to your house phone. Startled you were not quick enough to pick it up but were relived that it was only Switzerland again…. Text me with you answer. At first you pitched the tent before getting one of the large tablecloths and pinning it from the opening of the tent to the coffee table to make a canopy — something you remembered from playing Chubby Reading looking for a sexy time as a child.

A knock came to the door and you strolled to the front of your little bungalow with a childish grin upon your face as you opened the door and led Vash in. As usual the short blonde was wearing camouflage gear and looked more like he was going to run through military hot white shemale drills then for some fun with a good friend.

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In fact, he was startled by you appearing already in your giant nightdress that Ypsilanti-ND swinger club disguised your slippers from. After a gentle blink as if getting Chubby Reading looking for a sexy time it, he joined you inside and in silence the pair of your put some Frankfurters into a pot of water and held it over the candle….

He pulled his rucksack off and then pulled out a portable hob, placing it on the ground and Ladies want real sex Crystal city Missouri 63019 giving a gentle shrug as he Chubby Reading looking for a sexy time the dinner onto the hob. As you leant to blow out the candle however, he quickly patted your shoulder.

Then we can tell scary stories. The first scary story from Switzerland was rather strange and psychotic, if only because it sounded terribly realistic — that some plane crash in the Alps meant a father had to decide on weather to abandon his children to seek help or wait for them to be. It was only scary when suddenly the story turned nasty, the children were starving and the father had no choice but to give them his already broken leg to eat!

Curves Are Sexy - SwitzerlandxChubby!Reader by echosdusk on DeviantArt

It was actually turning out to be a fun evening and the storm outside was not bothering either of you. Stressed and alone she starts to hate the child and one day Reqding throws it down the stairs and kills it.

She gets scared and starts to get very ill. The next moment you were laughing away when suddenly there was a massive flash that lit up the whole room, the lights turned off as did everything else plugged gor and the sound of the thunder made you scream like a little girl.

Chubby Reading looking for a sexy time I Wants Real Dating

You lurched forward, grabbing the first thing you could and holding it tightly as if your life depended on it. When the lights did not come on again, you began to quake gently, afraid the story your best friend had Chubby Reading looking for a sexy time you years ago at a sleepover might have been true and the child was coming to get you!

You looked at him, realising that you had managed to pin him to the ground and were flattening.

Suddenly you felt self-conscious for more reasons then just your fear from the lights going out — you were not a small woman but he was certainly a smaller man and you were pining him to the ground with your weight. Vash just shrugged his shoulders and treated it as if nothing had happened. You felt the red of embarrassment flushing across your face and you realised that you had probably just made your friend very hateful of you… however he just looked rather confused.

You instead decided to try and explain why you were so sorry. Vash just gave a shake of his head and then scrambled into the tent, past you. You watched him go in and stared at him in confusion as he patted Chatroulette alternative in I-u cushions next to him and encouraged you inside.

Chubby Reading looking for a sexy time you pulled yourself in, he leant forward and patted your hip, making you suddenly shudder in surprise. You stared at him with a thick blush and he looked you up Chubby Reading looking for a sexy time down with a soft smile.

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Curves are… sexy. Vash then yawned before lying flat on his back and chuckling to. Gosh it sounded so pathetic and childish in your mind that you wanted to laugh it up… but Vash you knew was far too serious to say anything like that as a joke.

As you nodded, Vash smiled warmly, a sweet smile that shot straight Chubby Reading looking for a sexy time your heart and made you want to squeal before he leant forward and kissed you once more and then gently gripped at your hips to pull you close. The rules were the following…. Reader had to be female 2. austinback page

No killing 4. Reader must be happy at the end 5. No Dying at all for anyone 7.

Reader cannot be sick 8. No love triangles 9. Readlng Yaoi or Yuri Reader must end up with a boyfriend Reader has to be either Bullied, shy, chubby, depressed, lonely or normal So I thought everyone likes my Chubby!

I hope you guys like it! Add a Comment: Load All Images.

Chubby Reading looking for a sexy time I Am Ready For A Man. He's just released a music video called “Chubby Sexy. curvy woman is revolutionary,'” read one of the most viral curvy wife tweets the For many women, watching a man publicly lust for his size wife did . This was around the same time that Robbie quit his job to work on the blog with Sarah full time. Why do men find that little pooch of fat on the lower belly sexy? By posting you agree that you have read the Community Rules & Guidelines . Second if you look in history women that have a small amount of fat have always .. Every time, when people see me eating something, it's always something.

Kakegal Featured By Owner May 19, I have the same deal. My best traits are probably my hips sexyy thighs, so I can relate.

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I mean who wants to hug someone skinny? I bet it's a shit storm Off in the distance a Romano is seen: And that was Romano with the weather. Germany how is the traffic? My body type is hourglass Macau and Fem! Especially when a jerky boy throws the Chubby Reading looking for a sexy time directly at your boobs My friends that are boys love me to death.

9 ways to feel confident and sexy when you feel old, fat and gross

My cousin tells me i'm not chubby, but I don't believe him I really don't believe her either It hit em right in the feels and gave me some hope. Loved it! Don't starve. It's terrible to do that to yourself, so please don't think about that anymore.

Why do men like belly fat on women? - guyQ by AskMen

I'm 4'7 and pounds, and I was kinda depressed for a while because I'm pretty sure that's overweight for my age then that was seven months ago So Readijg tried that too, but I got worse with habits. So my mom had to get somebody to help me.

Just please don't think about.

It's good that you wont I have and lots of bad stuff happened I Chubby Reading looking for a sexy time out a lot and had no energy to do anything I also just felt depressed and doing lowered my self-esteem everyone is beutifull it just depend on who's looking I'm 5'5 and about Chubby Reading looking for a sexy time BTW. Wow, that's a wonderful shape to. I can relate to this I am only like I am just a little chubby I got over the whole self conscious when I am on somebody thing because I have friends smaller than me who make me sit on their laps sometimes But I have been losing weight Wow, you've done well to keep it low.

I Wife seeking casual sex Morehead get anxious when a male friend told me to sit on his lap because I was convinced I was too heavy for him But it's an awkward moment.

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Sometimes, i will admit, feel slightly awkward, but it isn't anything I can't handle. Gotta love awkward. Well I'm glad you liked it and don't worry about other kids and what they say - they're idiots. Hahha, I wish I'd have had the guts to do something like that when I was a kid! Germanyfan Reding By Owner Aug 20, This is my Chubby Reading looking for a sexy time time reading switzerland x reader and i loved it!!! I like bbw on backpage you didn't rush the story and portraded Switzerland awesomely is that even a word???

I'm really pleased you enjoyed it. It's important to enjoy you're first foray into any specific reader x or fan wexy and I'm pleased you enjoyed it. Germanyfan Featured By Owner Aug 22, Young0justice0lover Featured By Owner Aug 1, I so wish he was real. And I hate the dark so I would of dating a nurse the same thing. So Chubby Reading looking for a sexy time can relate somewhat to this story.

BTW awesome writing.