Dufarge & Bink Cruiser


Dufarge is a Nederlander brand that is all about “giving back to what made us in who we are today”.  While that sentance may have not translate properly into English you can imagine what they mean.  They work to tap into the feeling you get from your skateboarding origin story which could have involved building a sketchy jump ramp or skating your first curb with your friends.

They partnered with their friend Rinke (aka Bink), who is a wood worker, to create a cruiser for them.  Rinke hand crafted the vintage style cruiser out of ash, walnut and mahogany.  It includes tracker trucks and Cadillac  Classics wheels.

They showcase the build process and some skating with the board in the edit above .  It makes me want to shape up my own board out of a plank of wood…

East Meets West 2015


East Meets West Game of SKATE is back again this Saturday in Slavic Village.  Here’s the breakdown of the event from Public Square Group:

The 8th annual East Meets West Skateboard Festival is here! Public Square Group (PSG) is starting the event at 2pm on May 23rd in Slavic Village at 5620 Broawday Ave. This event benefits PSG, Slavic Village Skateboarding, The Broadway Public Skatepark Project and Slavic Village Development. DJ New Era will be providing jams all day with Vince and other members of PSG MC-ing the event and reading brackets for S-K-A-T-E. Come and make your way to the top of the brackets for $10, The Skate Kitchen will be serving ramps for free and of course, spectators welcome free of charge. Come out for a full day of shredding and good luck to everyone!

You can go here to pre-register if you’re interested in competing.  It’s a $10 fee to compete that is due the day of when you sign in.

Genaro is 42

Genaro is 42 and still ripping.  In fact all these guys are getting up there in age and while they may be crotchety and cranky they still got the chops.  It’s great to see Genaro, Becker, Sammy, Alan, Jason and Jonesy still getting some.