Crap Habit

I met Matt Brown at the Bay Village Skatepark grand opening.  I told him that I’d post some videos of his which never happened because I got sidetracked.  Well I ran into him again at Bay Village today so I figured it’s high time to post up some of his works.  This is a promo for a piece called Crap Habit.  Not sure exactly what Crap Habit means but I’m looking forward to seeing the completed flick.

Coping with weirdness

The video should explain itself. With only 100 copies of the DVD made, you better ask if your shop picked up some copies. I know there is at least one shop around here that ordered a handful.


Don’t forget about the Weird Shit video premiere next weekend. The DVD will be available at the premiere rather than the video being finished the night before the premiere. One of the bonuses on the DVD is the video below.

The DVD is pretty cool, aside from the Weird Shit video, it has a collection of trip videos and some other footage that will make you laugh.

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See Ya Chuck!

The Rockwoods are heading back to the lest coast and the dudes threw them a going away party.  Beers, Bar-B-Q, bikes, friends, and skating.  What more do you need?

Westin grabbed some footage and put it together.  Keep a look out for more from him too.