Hey Mom, wanna go film?



Stopped down to the Crooked River Skatepark to show a friend the park and came across a scene that would get anyone hyped up.  A Mom filming her son mid-day at an empty park in 30 degree weather.

I’m not sure how many of you ever said the line “Hey Mom, wanna go film?” but Christine (the filmer and the assumed Mom) probably hears that allot.  Based on her filming form and the fact that it was 30 degrees out she is down.  She even had the wherewithal to keep the minivan idling with the heat on in the parking lot.

I doubt you would have come across a similar scene if they would have built a bocce ball court here instead.  This park will be a re-awakening of this Flats area of Cleveland.  Here’s to all the Mom filmers out there…

Crooked River Skatepark Ribbon Cutting


Join Mayor Jackson and Councilman Joe Cimperman along with many guests and partners who helped make this project happen!

Mayor Jackson will hold a ribbon cutting for the new Crooked River Skatepark and officially open the park.

Rain or shine – this event will be held Friday 11/14 at 4:00 PM. Everyone is invited to take part in this great milestone for the city and celebrate what we’ve been able to help accomplish!

Show your support and thanks to the City for investing in such an awesome addition to our community!


Crack Garden Burnout III


The Burnout is back at Now That’s Class!  Friday night is a pig roast, Saturday afternnon skate jam and Saturday nigh is music and partying.  All money collected goes towards DIY skate projects in Cleveland like the Fun Wall (Queen DIY).

Huf Clevelandwide


The Huf team hit the Tri-Star ramp yesterday for a private session and today they’ll be down at the Fun Wall at Tri-Star again at 4PM for a signing and some skating.

Movies In The Park


Along with hitting the streets or going to your local park and DIY spot you can head over the Coventry and partake on the popup skate spot brought to you by the Skate Kitchen and watch the Bones Brigade movie in the park.

Static IV Premier at Akron Art Museum

Jay Croft of Street Canoe has arranged a regional premier of the fourth installment of the Theories of Atlantis series Static.  The showing of Static IV will be at 7:00pm on Thursday June 5th at the Akron Art Musuem.


If you are unfamiliar with the Static video series you can check out this interview with Josh Stewart, the guy behind it all, over at Jenkem.

Seating is limited and first come first serve so get there early.   You can find more information on the event here.