Shredit #2

Winters icy grip is finally beginning to release.  Being a skateboarder in the midwest you will know all about the seasonal cycle that makes up your life.  You wake up one day and the smell of autumn leaves is gone and is replaced with a brisk fresh absence of smell that is unknown by residents of SoCal, Miami, and Houston.  By that time the indoor retreats have already started to come together.  Some are still just ideas in the planning stages while others are under construction and framed up.  As screw meets wood these skate-able creations take form ranging from basic jump ramps and mini-quarters in some kid’s Mom’s garage to full on half-pipes and mammoth bowls with pool coping that fill up entire pole barns.  These gems are everywhere throughout the midwest.  The video above is from an installation that functions as a winter skate oasis and has served it’s purpose well.  It also doubles as a workshop for two wheeled speed machines.

This cycle creates a rebirth every year.  When the weather breaks we hit the streets and parks across the midwest and unleash months of pent up skate agression.  There is a sense of urgency to take full advantage of every minute of the upcoming warm days and nights because we know what’s only months away.  This perspective is a gift that the residents of year-round warm climates will never know and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tim’s Shop

Brett Borovic put together an awesome song paying homage to the legacy of Ohio Surf and Skate, a skateshop in Willoughby Ohio that closed down last year after 25 years of service to the skate community.