Break Your Ass & Jump The Gun

There was all kinds of skate related things to do in Cleveland Ohio last night and I was able take in a couple of those things.

First I stopped in at Westside for the Jump The Gun video premier. It was a packed house which was great but I was unable to see the screen since it was standing room only and tons of kids had beanies on with pompoms at the top.

The kids putting on the premier ran into some type of technical difficulty which caused the movie to stop playing a out half of the way through. They could not resolve the issue so they ended up showing the rest of the video on a small television that was setup on the floor.

At that point I could not see anything at all so I milled around in the back by Jules and his dog Gita. I asked him if the camera flash would bother the dog and he said the it would bother his eyes more. I told him to close his eyes right before I took the picture so that is the reason he’s not looking at the camera. All things considers the picture turned out just fine.

Before I left I was talking to the fellas from Lame Brotherhood and they mentioned their free pocket tees that they are giving away as a promotion. I thought they were cool and asked for one but for some reason I only ended up with a picture of Dakari holding one. Maybe they didn’t have my size.

They were also promoting their new crewneck sweatshirts by hanging them from a chandelier which I thought was an interesting move.

After Westside I stopped over at Now That’s Class for the Condensed Flesh premier, zone release, and skate jam.

For the event the guys built a rainbow into the wallride which was decorated with a penis spraying a rainbow. I don’t know how people where riding this thing but they were ripping it. By “this thing” and “it” I mean the ramp.

Paco got on the mic as the judge, jury, and verbal executioner. If someone was ripping they new it and if they were sucking, had a good slam, or just plain looked weird he made sure they knew it too.

So this is he ultimate one woman hype machine. She basically yelled at the top of her lungs some variation of the following…

In fact she was so spirited I had to get her on the mic. With a good bit of coaxing I was able to convince Paco to share the spotlight with her. It worked out great as everyone got even more aggro while she was working her hype-lady juju over the crowd.

Here’s Dan from Stuck In Ohio doing what he does best, filming.

Mike from PA focused his board with his ass.

Here’s Johnny. He’s one of the guys who helped promote the event. I don’t really have anything funny left to say so you can fill in the blanks yourself.

All in all it was a fun night. Lots of people were out between both events and TriStar did a couple premiers as well which I could not make it to. The skate scene in Cleveland has got allot of momentum these days and with the new flats park in the works there’s no sign I things slowing down. Thanks to all involved with making all of this happen!

Well Said… now here’s some free stuff.

I was looking for a picture of Lee Bender online to add to this post so it wasn’t just a link and this is one of the images that came up.  Even though this isn’t the Lee Bender I was looking for I went with it since it’s not the usual image of the real Lee skateboarding or riding his motorcycle.

Take a minute to  read over this post that Lee put up on his blog at the end of last month.  I’m glad he took to time to write up what was on his mind and share it with us.

On the topic of Lee, I hooked up wit Jay from Street Canoe over the weekend and got a couple limited edition Street Canoe t-shirts with really cool art that Lee did.

The first person to email me a picture of yourself with Lee or Jay, or the three of you, gets a shirt and the picture posted on the site.  I’ll throw in some Street Canoe stickers and some other stickers and stuff too.

East Meets West 2011

East Meets West is an event that is an official round of eS Game Of Skate put together by Public Square Group and Slavic Village Skateboarding.  This event has always had a good turnout and each year it gets a bit bigger .  Plus you’ve got rippers coming out from all parts of Northeastern Ohio.

I’m sure there will be lots of great footage and awesome pics from other sources so I’m just going to include some random shots after the jump here.

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