I hit up Andrew Petillo, the guy who put up this edit on the ol’ YouTube, and asked him what the deal was with this spot.  Here’s the rundown from him.

“All the footy was shot in 2015. As for shortys we started building in there back in 2011. Andrew McLaughlin is the founder/mastermind behind it all. The place was an abandoned shithole with a bunch of junkies using it to squat, do drugs and etc. as of now we pretty much hold it down. On the weekends the we got volleyball players outside and other riffraff the comes out to smoke or paint. It’s open to whoever wants to come. I think we also have permission from the city these days too.”

Another piece of city turned from trash into treasure thanks to the skateboarders of Newark.  Remember to support your local DIY builders wherever you may be.

Dufarge & Bink Cruiser


Dufarge is a Nederlander brand that is all about “giving back to what made us in who we are today”.  While that sentance may have not translate properly into English you can imagine what they mean.  They work to tap into the feeling you get from your skateboarding origin story which could have involved building a sketchy jump ramp or skating your first curb with your friends.

They partnered with their friend Rinke (aka Bink), who is a wood worker, to create a cruiser for them.  Rinke hand crafted the vintage style cruiser out of ash, walnut and mahogany.  It includes tracker trucks and Cadillac  Classics wheels.

They showcase the build process and some skating with the board in the edit above .  It makes me want to shape up my own board out of a plank of wood…

Crooked River Skatepark Progress

Here is some footage from multiple angles showing the progress of the Crooked River Skatepark that is being built in Rivergate Park on the West Bank of the Flats in Cleveland Ohio. This is just down the hill from Downtown Cleveland, Tremont and Ohio City. The Crooked River Skatepark is a City of Cleveland project made possible by Public Square Group, The Tony Hawk Foundation, LAND Studios, McKnight Associates, F. Buddie Inc, Ohio City Incorporated and Tremont West.  Grindline Skateparks is the design/build contractor.

You can get to the skatepark by heading to Merwin Avenue off of Columbus Road.  This area is home to the Ohio City Bicycle Co-Op, Sainatos Pizza, Cleveland Rowing Foundation, and Merwin’s Wharf which is a restaurant operated by the Cleveland Metroparks.

Based on the current progress of the park build it may be possible to see it open before the end of 2014.

Pura Pura Skatepark Documentary

Here’s a little documentary on the making of the Pura Pura skatepark in La Paz, Bolivia. Cleveland’s own Jake Black, the creator of the Condensed Flesh video zine, went down and participated in this build!

In April of 2014, Levi’s® Skateboarding joined Bolivian skater Milton Arellano in reuniting with the endboss projects crew from Hannover, along with over a 100 skateboarders and builders from around the world, to build a public skatepark in La Paz, Bolivia. See professional skateboarders Marius Syvanen, David Gravette, Josh Matthews, Joey Pepper, Chet Childress, and Al Partanen live, work, and skate the Pura Pura skatepark three miles up in the sky.

Directed by Simon Weyhe
Assistant Director: Mathias Nyholm Schmidt
Produced by Levi’s Skateboarding®
Cinematography by Simon Weyhe & Mathias Nyholm Schmidt
Additional Camera by Kasper Hornbek Nielsen & Milton Arellano
Edited by Simon Weyhe
Additional Editing by Mathias Nyholm Schmidt
Music by Anders Christophersen, WSLS Records

The Real Fish Eye

This is one of the more creative videos that I’ve seen in the last couple years.  Russell Houghten came up with the idea to shoot skating from inside a fish bowl.   He achieved this by using a GoPro Hero 3 camera.  You catch a glimpse of the camera setup near the end of the video while that credits roll at about the 2:24 minute mark.

The Burnout II

Take a look at some of the shots I got from down at Now That’s Class during the Burnout 2. This event was a fund raiser for DIY skateboard projects in Cleveland. All of the ramps were built from pallets and scrap materials.

Here’s Willy about to bash his head. He got his bell rung real good after coming in off the top rope but he survived and was back to cruising around after a bottle of water and a quick smoke sesh.

Dustin Sheesley to tail on the china bank. I just realized I didn’t know how to spell Dustin’s last name…

Vinny and Mario! Brothers from the same mother.

Jewf surfing the fence bank, as always with style.

Justin Laganson pops one up.

Here’s Dillon’s band. He’s the one playing the keyboard. I forget the name of Dillon’s band though. A bunch of other bands played too but I didn’t get any pictures of them.

Roger Krebs with the blunt. He’s always asking to rep Snack Skateboards so there you go.

…then John lit the hump on fire. And of course Phil rode through the flames because that is what you do when someone lights a ramp on fire.

Thanks to the guys (John, Seb, Jake, whoever else) for putting this event on, Paul at Now That’s Class for always accommodating skate events and fun stuff since day one, the guys (Dale, Jewf, John, Roger, Jake, Mikey, Johnny, and whoever else) that built all this junk to skate , all the bands that played, and everyone who chipped in a few bucks including the sponsors Westside Skates, Burger Records, DLXSF, Public Square Group, and Voodoo Monkey Tattoo.