Tristar Skateboards Has A New Home

Tristar Skateboards is moving into their new location on Brookpark Road.  They aren’t quite setup in the new spot yet but shop owner Jim Sakaley let me in for a look around and to take a some shots of their space.

The new location is over 10,000 square feet and will include an initial buildout of a retail space, skate museum, and art gallery.  The next immediate step after they’re established will be to construct the skatepark.  After the skatepark is built and they’ve settled into the location there are even more possibilities for the space which including but are not limited to a sitting room for parents, concessions, and a performance space for bands.

Here’s a look at the retail space.  From left to right is the large L-shaped service counter, shoe walls, the back room for hard goods and the window’ed wall that will look out into the skate park.

This will be the hard goods room that will have all of the boards, trucks, wheels, and other products of that type.

Here’s a birdseye view of the skatepark area that will house an eight foot bowl and a street coarse with matching hubbas and a China bank.

Jim is the type of guy that thinks outside of the box.  He displayed just how big his plans are when he said “you’re not going to believe this” and proceeded to grab a ladder and climb up into the ceiling above the retail space.  He was showing me the area pictured above which, if everything goes as Jim plans, will have bleachers overlooking the park and a performance spot for bands to play.

Stay tuned to the Tristar Skateboards website, Facebook page, and Instagram feed for updates and progress on this new shop.


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