Analog Fantom

I recently caught up with Cleveland rapper and music producer Analog Fantom for an interview.  He is opening for Oakland California hip-hop legends Souls of Mischief this Sunday June 23rd at the Grog Shop and his new album Seance is being released that day as well.

SMFO: What are you up to tonight?
AF: Not much.  Worked out earlier and just making some beats.  They came out pretty good.

What do you think about Save Me From Ordinary?
I like it, I like what it’s doing for skateboarders.  Plus it’s a creative outlet for you so that’s good.

What would you say are some influences of your personal style?
I like Polo allot, Ralph Lauren, Nike.  I’ve been into buying old vintage Nike windbreakers online latety.  You can get some really cool styles for cheap that way.  I like some streetwear brands but the designs that are little darker and not the cartoony styles.  Rebel 8, Flying Coffin, stuff like that.

Do you have any opinion on Odd Future having a Vans collab  shoe?
Um, no.

What about your musical taste?  Any albums moving your lately?
Yeah, still listened to that Roc Macianos album.  It’s called Reloaded, that’s real good.

Have you ever been interviewed?
[long pause] Not at all.

How did you get into creating music?
I started playing guitar when I was about 17  and was into a lot of heavy metal music.  I started to learn to play the music I was listening to and that made me want to make my own music.   Before I started playing guitar I was listening to Three Six Mafia and making that type of music on the computer.  I think the kids call Trap Music. I remember in high school at lunch kids would be freestyling and I would tap out the beats on the lunchroom table with pencil.

Is this album your first project of this type?
Yeah, this is the first project that I’m putting out with lyrics on it.  I put out other stuff before that were instrumentals, flying under the radar a bit, but I put allot of time and effort into this one.

Your mentioned your earlier work is instrumental and then you began adding lyrics to your tracks.  How did you evolve to rhyming over the tracks you made?
Just kinda like bullshittin around, writing stuff down to the music I was making and one day I figured I should put something out.  I was in bands before so and there was still that need to create music but do it by myself, like I’m my own boss.

Who or what are your biggest non-musical influences that impact your music?
Weed, for sure…

Anything else or is that mainly it?
That’s kinda the main one.  My lady for sure, she gives me the drive and encourages me allot.  I also get influence from movies, fashion, and see how other cultures live like people over in Europe.  They seem to be more free-spirited and easy going.  I don’t think they work as much as we do so they have allot less stress.

Do you work regularly with any other artists or producers at this point?
There is this one guy who hit me up on Soundcloud, his name is Elow The Funky Editor.  He’s actually from Germany and he produced one of the songs on my album.  It’s pretty cool too because he didn’t want any money or anything.  He’s just doing it for the love of hiphop.

Which track was that?
That one is called Possessed.

What do you think about the government tapping into everyone’s social media sites and phone records?
I think it’s terrible.   It’s an infringement on our privacy and clearly a violation of the Constitution.

What do you want to be doing with your music five years from now?
Hopefully continuing to push the envelope, you know.  Maybe branch out and do some beats with a live band.  Hopefully tour and see the rest of the Earth.

You have a show coming up in a couple days.  What do you do to prepare for a live performance?
I practice with my DJ allot to make sure I don’t forget my shit.

Who is your DJ?
He goes by the name of Dynamite Deka.

How did your last show go?
It went pretty well, I got a good response.  People were into it.  

Do you have any superstitions?
Superstitions? No, even though my Mom is pretty superstitious.  She doesn’t like black cats, won’t walk under ladders… real weird stuff but I’m not superstitious at all.

That’s all I got for now man.  Any last words?

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview and have fun at your show!
Hell yeah man, thanks!

You can see Analog Fantom open up for Souls of Mischief at their FREE show on Sunday June 23rd.   Just use this link to RSVP before the show. You can also pickup a tshirt and his new album Seance too.  Check out the Analog Fantom Soundcloud page to get hyped before the show.

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