Dually Premier


Here’s a quick update from Spencer Burdock on this premier.

“Two people // two songs each.

Dually featuring Mike Freiberg (@yungbergg) and Justin Laganson (@yungjlag_ddom) is almost ready to go.

Everyone come out to party and have a session in the park after the video.”

The premier will be at 9:00PM on Saturday May 28th.  Tri-Star Skateshop is located at 5360 Brookpark Road, Cleveland, OH 44134


New flick from YouTube Chad Butler featuring Joe Kassai, Nathan Morley and Derek Ironwing.  This was filmed at Chenga World, the indoor park with a level of surface slickness that rivals any indoor park I’ve ever been to.



I hit up Andrew Petillo, the guy who put up this edit on the ol’ YouTube, and asked him what the deal was with this spot.  Here’s the rundown from him.

“All the footy was shot in 2015. As for shortys we started building in there back in 2011. Andrew McLaughlin is the founder/mastermind behind it all. The place was an abandoned shithole with a bunch of junkies using it to squat, do drugs and etc. as of now we pretty much hold it down. On the weekends the we got volleyball players outside and other riffraff the comes out to smoke or paint. It’s open to whoever wants to come. I think we also have permission from the city these days too.”

Another piece of city turned from trash into treasure thanks to the skateboarders of Newark.  Remember to support your local DIY builders wherever you may be.

Help Keep Skaters Rolling


The Skaters Next Door program is back for 2016!  Donate today to help them reach their goal so they can give away 200 skateboards this year.

Who do these skateboards go to?  Some go to less fortunate kids that cannot afford to buy their own board and individuals who participate in the skateboard lessons.  Others are given to skateboarders who volunteer their time towards community service missions and volunteering for Public Square Group events.

Take a moment to donate today at the 2016 Skaters Next Door GoFundMe page.

Chrimbus 2015


Tis the season!  The 4th annual Pike Dreamz Chrimbus at the Pike is Friday December 18th, 2015.  Party kicks off at 6:00 PM and there will be art, beverages, hors d’oeuvres and a benefit raffle.

The Pike is located at 425 Gougler Ave, Kent, OH 44240