This Ain’t California

This Ain’t California is a documentary from director Marten Persiel that chronicles the birth of contemporary skateboarding in ’80s East Germany.  Back then Germany was divided by the Berlin Wall and in East Germany all Western influences (movies, music, magazine, etc) were banned.  Since these kids couldn’t buy boards they hand crafted their own as well as crafting their own style of skating.

At first the State saw skateboarding as a Western sport that they didn’t want or need.  After skateboarding gained popularity East German officials tried to control skating by creating clubs with training schedules and uniforms.

The skateboarders rejected the official’s clubs because they knew it was just another way to gain intelligence from the citizens of East Germany.

After the Wall fell on November 9th, 1989 the East Germans had to adapt to all of the new ideas that they had been sheltered from.  One of the film’s producers Ronald Vietz said , as a skateboarder, he was ready for it.

Mike Giant Board Shapes


Found this over at the Thrasher Magazine site awhile ago and never shared it.  These prints were for sale through Fecal Face for a bit but the old link leads to a dead end so I’m guessing these are not available anymore.

Either way it’s a rad print and if you can get your hands on one hold on to it.

Dufarge & Bink Cruiser


Dufarge is a Nederlander brand that is all about “giving back to what made us in who we are today”.  While that sentance may have not translate properly into English you can imagine what they mean.  They work to tap into the feeling you get from your skateboarding origin story which could have involved building a sketchy jump ramp or skating your first curb with your friends.

They partnered with their friend Rinke (aka Bink), who is a wood worker, to create a cruiser for them.  Rinke hand crafted the vintage style cruiser out of ash, walnut and mahogany.  It includes tracker trucks and Cadillac  Classics wheels.

They showcase the build process and some skating with the board in the edit above .  It makes me want to shape up my own board out of a plank of wood…