Zero-Eight Skateboard Park Grand Opening


Tristar Skateboards is having the grand opening of the latest addition to their Cleveland Ohio compound this Saturday April 11th, 2015.  The new  skateboard park is called Zero-Eight Skatepark and it features a clean spine ramp, a well built street section and a welcoming atmosphere.  The skateboard park is attached to Tristar Skateshop so if you’ve been to the shop you know where the park is.

For the grand opening there will be free food while supplies last, a product toss and a best trick contest on the spine, stairs, hubba ledge and bump to bar.  It will cost $5.00 to skate and/or compete.  If you want to skate or compete you must turn in a waiver before Saturday.  The waiver can be downloaded here.

Event sponsors include Bones Bearings, Thrasher Magazine, DLXSF, Redbull, Glassy Sunhaters, Sole Technology, Huf Worldwide, Tum Yeto, Dwindle Distribution, NHS Fun Factory, Stuck In Ohio, and Powell Peralta.

The schedule of this Saturday’s grand opening is as follows.

• 8:00am to Noon: Beginner/Intermediate Practice, Open Skate

• Noon to 2:00pm: Advanced Practice, Open Skate

• 3:00pm to 4:00pm: Registration for Best Trick (All Skill Levels), Open Skate

• 4:30pm to 5:30pm: Beginner/Intermediate Best Trick

• 6:00pm to 7:00pm: Advanced Best Trick

• 7:15pm to 7:45pm: Awards

• 8:00pm: Product Toss

• 8:30pm to ?: Open Skate

It’s worth mentioning that if you want to skate on the 11th that you must turn in your waiver before then.  Here is a link to the waiver that you can download, print out and return to Tristar before Saturday.

Tristar Skateshop & Zero-Eight Skatepark
5360 Brookpark Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44134
(216) 459-9000