Comments Are Back


Not sure if you even noticed but the comments on the site haven’t been working for some time.  Well that’s not the case anymore. There are many reason why you would comment on a post but normally it’s been to correct us when we mess up.  Most comments occur when we spell people’s names wrong, post a picture of someone with the wrong name or just generally to a bad job at describing what is going on in a picture or video.  We will keep screwing up as long as you keep enabling us so keep the comments coming.

Aside from the many reasons to correct us, sometimes you just need to get your troll on and talk some shit.  That’s what the internet is for!

Pushin 40

Pushing 40, T-clips and Washed Up Warriors coming together for this edit.  The new Pushin40 Video by T-clips with the Washed Up Warriors & Friends. This what goes down when your filming with Tyrone Olson, Loves skateboarding and will never stop. PUSHIN40 PUSHIN40 PUSHIN40 WASHED UP WARRIORS WASHED UP WARRIORS SKATE SKATE SKATE

In Search of the Miraculous

Presented for free on the interwebs via Polar Skate Co.

In search of the Miraculous, a film by Pontus Alv. Made between 2005 and 2010. Filmed and edited by Pontus Alv. Concept and art direction by Klez Zawisa. Featuring, in order of appearance:

Part 1: Pontus Alv, Daniel Håkansson, Martin Nilsson, Danijel Stankovic, Pekka, Javier Mendizibal, Txus Dominguez

Part 3: Eniz Fazliov, Oskar Ristenfeldt, Jacob Ovgren, Phil Zwijsen, Ferit Batir, Mikael Persson, Colin Kennedy

Part 4: Alain Goikoetxea, Ben Smicker

Part 5: Johan Linö-Waad, Oskar Ristenfeldt, Mikael Persson, Johannes Marent, Hjalte Halberg

Part 6: Günez Özdogan

Part 7: Javier Mendizibal, Txus Dominguez, Eniz Fazliov, Julian Furones, Jan Kliewer, Ferit Batir, John Dahlquist, David Stenström, Jean-Louis Huhta, Christian Sjöberg

Part 8: Daniel Håkansson, Per Magnusson, Andreas Lindström

Part 9: Marcus Nyström, Daniel Håkansson, Patrik Evander, Marcus Olsson, Pontus Alv, Jean-Louis Huhta, Per Magnusson, Dirk Raßloff, Javier Mendizibal, John Magnusson, Al Partanen, Love Eneroth, Stefan Toth, Darren Navarette

Part 10: Michael Juras

Part 11: Mattias Nylén, Skreech, Dennis Busenitz, Chris Senn, John Magnusson, Sam Hitz, Al Partanen, Salba, Daniel Cardone, Jimmy the Greek, Ben Schroeder

Part 12: Scott Bourne, Julian Furones, Mattias Nylén, John Magnusson

Part 13: Fred Demard, Pontus Alv, Julian Furones, Guillaume Mocquin, Julian Viallet, Chris Merkt, Oli Buergin

Part 14: Love Eneroth, Johan Florell, Ricky Sandström, Mika Edin

Part 15: Daniel Håkansson, John Dahlquist, Mattias Nylén, Nils Svensson, Dennis Busenitz, Jimmy the Greek, Stefan Toth, Martin Nilsson, Marcus Olsson, Pontus Alv, Kos Mizkieviesz, Jean-Louis Huhta, Hans Claessens, Johan Linö-Waad, Kalle Helgesson, Martin Ottosson

Part 16: John Magnusson, Javier Mendizibal, John Dahlquist, Alexander Åkerlund, Andreas Lindström, Johan Linö-Waad, Stefan Toth, Kalle Pool B

Part 17: Danijel Stankovic, Koffe Hallgren, Hjalte Halberg, Pontus Alv

Part 18: Pontus Alv, Johan Linö-Waad, John Dahlquist, Love Eneroth, Stefan Toth, Eniz Fazliov, Tobias Henriksson, Johan Sunden, Danijel Stankovic, Per Magnusson, Mikael Persson, Marcus Olsson, Nils Svensson, Daniel Håkansson, Jonas Lindahl, Günes Özdogan, Hans Claessens, Martin Nilsson, Fernando Bramsmark, Oskar Ristenfeldt, Michal Juras, Kalle Pool B, Martin Ottosson

Part 19: Pontus Alv

Part 20: Johan Linö-Waad, Per-Kristian Hansson, Tobias Henriksson

Amber Alert

Don Hammersley’s Midwest Disconnect drops the latest in their VHS series entitled Amber Alert.

Shot around North Eastern Ohio it features Isaiah Jones, Michael Cohill, JTH, Tyler, Blackert, Cyle Calmese and Tyler Bowman.