Wave Cap Trailer

Jesse Braun’s got another vid in the works.

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Destination Unknown

“Isn’t life strange, and rad, and fucked up… Thank fucking skateboarding for the grounding and perspective in this shit stew of consumer capitalism and naked hypocrisy. Keep it raw. Keep it lurkie.”
- The management

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Crooked River Skatepark Ribbon Cutting


Join Mayor Jackson and Councilman Joe Cimperman along with many guests and partners who helped make this project happen!

Mayor Jackson will hold a ribbon cutting for the new Crooked River Skatepark and officially open the park.

Rain or shine – this event will be held Friday 11/14 at 4:00 PM. Everyone is invited to take part in this great milestone for the city and celebrate what we’ve been able to help accomplish!

Show your support and thanks to the City for investing in such an awesome addition to our community!


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King of Ohio 2


King of Ohio 2 is happening this Saturday the 8th at Skate Naked.  There will be three different ways to compete, either in the bowl, street or best trick.  Signups close at 2:00pm so get there before then if you want to compete.  Contest starts at 3:00pm and there will be live bands.

Sponsors for this year’s contest are Tri-Star Skateshop, Westside Skates, Stuck In Ohio, Bastion, Yevvo, and more.

Skate Naked
3790 E 5th Ave
Columbus, OH 43219
(614) 638-1273

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Happy Coloween

Here’s another modest edit from the homeys at Colony Skateboards. This may be branded as a Halloween edit but you can rest assure that these dudes dress like this on a daily basis.

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Burnout Coverage from Japan

Junji over at Sound Boarding flew in from Osaka Japan to capture and edit the perfect coverage of this year’s Burnout skate jam at Now That’s Class in Cleveland Ohio.  Ramps were ripped, beers were drank, and money was raised for the Queen Ave DIY.

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A Conversation with Dumes

Over at Street Canoe Jay Croft put together a video of Smelly Curb creator Donny Humes talking about the history of the zine while he flips though the archives.

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